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  • Aluminium CD Case DVD Case With Bluray Lock 500 Discs

    By   Helen

    Overal Rating:

       5 stars

    Very happy with my DVD storage. Saves space and it's so compact. Very happy.

    2021-07-02 12:52:21
  • 1000 Disc Aluminum CD/DVD Storage Box Case

    By   Helen

    Overal Rating:

       5 stars

    This is the 3rd storage case I have purchased. I looked elsewhere and this site sells the most cost effective and efficient storage solution for my dvds.

    2021-07-02 12:49:06
  • Very happy with this printer. Saves me so much time printing shipping labels from Grailed, eBay and PayPal. Never have to worry about running out of ink with this thermal printer. Easy to install and set up on my Mac. Many settings available to adjust the print quality and speed. Highly recommend

    2020-10-14 07:50:16
  • Ohhh man this thing is awesome. Seems too good to be true. It is an incredible hassle-free product. I never thought I could love a printer lol. As a small business owner, this thing pays for itself in both time and money. I originally bought this for price tag, but within a few minutes I started printing logo stickers to slap on the packages as well. Cause WHY NOT when you don't need to buy ink that's worth it's weight in gold.

    2020-10-13 14:37:51
  • The home WiFi didn't reach our son's bungalow. This repeater did exactly as described and never had any issues with it. Highly recommend.

    2020-10-08 09:37:40
  • How wonderful this 3D Printer is! It came shipped on time, and package was really compact and in tact. It is padded nicely inside so all components and the printer is well protected. I was impressed with this. Setting it up will take some time. I used YouTube to help me get through the process. Instructions on manual are well designed, but there are a few parts where you would screw on, and couldn't get the next part on, as it probably should've went before a certain part. Put the belt on before screwing anything on this part, it will save you somr time. But I advise you to have the manual and YouTube video to help with installation, as this is where you should take the time to set your machine up properly. All parts came brand new, has a very premium feel to it. I recommend this product to any first timers to 3D Printing, or who would like that extra machine in the background. I also recommend to invest in upgrades for this 3D Printer as soon as you can afford, it will make your life easier, and help with the quality and maintenance of the machine. There are upgrades that can be printed, as well as parts to be upgraded. Does come with a small amount of Filament you can use to start printing, but I suggest buying some before your printer gets to you, because as soon as you get this, you will not stop printing! Like Me! :) GREAT BUY!......very impressed and will definitely buy again!

    GREAT BUY! Worth Every Dollar! GREAT BUY! Worth Every Dollar! GREAT BUY! Worth Every Dollar!

    2020-03-06 11:15:47
  • I was shocked to read reviews and see the price for this printer, so I had to try it out. Not having much experience with 3d printers, I was a little worried that it would be beyond my ability to configure and get this printing with a decent amount of quality. I could not have been more wrong. Setup was as expected, they ship you a box of parts with the base assembled, and it is on you to assemble the rest. The instructions were very good, no complaints there. I did watch a few videos on assembly and setup, so I was ahead of the game there. During setup I took everything apart and made sure it was all square, level, tight, moved freely (without and slop) and I am glad I did. Assembly took most of an afternoon, and I was printing test prints that evening. Going through the normal testing, (temperatures for hot end, retraction tests, etc. ) it was discovered that the default settings were VERY close to what I found to be the best. I have since printed a couple kg of PLA with this, and everything is going great! The magnetic build plate is a godsend for removing prints, you just lift it off and "roll" the mat off the part, comes off super clean and easy. Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend this printer for a hobbyist level user, I can't speak to the use of this in a production environment, since that is not what I use it for. I have printed a couple boxes for Pi 3 B+ and a couple for buck converters, all flawless. I am super pleased I took a chance on buying such an inexpensive printer and very impressed with the quality that can be achieved with a minimal amount of tweaking.

    2020-03-05 19:56:39
  • I was blown away after seeing what this could print after a very minimal setup. It doesn't have some weak points but most can be corrected with 3d printed items. The one that cant be is the warped bed. It is somewhat of a common issue but it's easily remedied with the creality glass bed or a sheet of glass/mirror. I would absolutely buy this printer again. BEWARE: 3d printing can be addicting so you may want another one shortly after to negate some of the downtime while you printer is doing its thing.

    2020-03-05 18:03:19
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