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Have you ever been worried about your puppy feeling uncomfortable and upset during family trips by car? Did you have the experience that your couches or rug were scratched by pooches when you were out? Or are you annoyed with providing a secure and comfy home environment for your furry pet? There is no need to be bothered by these conditions, a dog kennel can be a big help for you. To decide which is the best dog kennel for your pet, the following details about dog kennels are listed for your deep understanding.


What is Dog Kennel?


Dog kennel is a shelter or structure for dogs, cats or other pets to board, play or hide, like a room, a house or a building for human beings. Sometimes it is used to train or transport furry pets as well. A kennel can be made out of various materials, including wire, soft-sided dog crates, wood and of course plastic. Constructed by detachable tops and bottoms, dog kennels for sale can be used at home, in vehicles, as well as at outdoors. With the easy-to-clean and portable design, dog kennels are popular for users.



Why Buy a Dog Kennel?


Dog Kennels are greatly helpful to dogs and pet owners, which can ensure dogs safe and relaxed whether home alone or travelling with you. Generally, many dogs treat their kennels as a shelter to eat meals, get a quick nap or to hide when necessary. As to dog owners, a dog kennel can prevent your dog from making a mess of your home when you are away, as well as keep your pet comfortable and secure from departure to arrival when travelling by car or plane. Also, the kennel is an effective way to keep your dog away from guests who are scared of dogs.



How to Choose the Right Dog Kennel for Your Pet?


Whether you are just getting a dog kennel to transport your dog or make a bedroom for your pet, you have to consider several aspects: size, weight and materials.



The full-grown size of the dog and breed are needed to take into consideration when you are selecting a dog kennel. Needless to say, dog kennel needs to be large enough for the puppy to turn around comfortably and lie down in. It is usually a natural way for the dog to curl up in the kennel to keep warm or remain comfortable. In this way, if the kennels are too large, your dogs will get cold more easily. But If you want to use one to train the dog, then you need to choose a large dog kennel to make sure your pet can stand up, turn around or lie down. 



If you want dog kennels used to take your pet to short or long trips, weight is the paramount element to take into account in that the dog kennels are needed to be shifted up or down your vehicles or other transportation means. While if you are choosing outdoor dog kennels, weight isn’t as important. What you should make sure is that the kennel is heavy enough to keep your pet secured inside, which means it can withstand the strength of your pet, any type of extreme weather and winds that you might experience where you live.



Pet kennels come in a variety of different materials including plastic, wood and wire. Before buying a kennel for your pets, you need to think about seriously what kind of kennel’s material your pet fits in.


Wood Dog Kennels

Wood dog kennels are designed to be both functional and fashionable, providing warmth and comfort to your pet. Most wooden kennels have a weather resistant roof suitable for year-round use. A wooden dog kennel will also be cooler than a plastic dog house in the warm months. It must be raised off the ground to prevent rot and most come with adjustable feet.


Plastic Dog Kennels

Plastic dog kennels are lightweight yet strong, durable and insulated, ideal if you need to move your dog kennel from indoors to outdoors. The plastic dog house is easier to clean compared to other types of kennels and will hold less odour. When purchasing a plastic kennel, it is vital to make sure there are vents to provide adequate ventilation.


Wire Dog Kennels

Wire dog crates are possibly the most used and the most commonly seen. Most of them come with a single door as standard, but some models have multiple doors for greater access. This dog house offers good ventilation and 360 views for your dog. These kennels for sale are usually folding and fairly easy to store away, but a standard wire kennel will not be allowed for aeroplane travel but can be used in the car if it fits. 


Soft-Sided Dog Crates

Soft-sided kennels are extremely light and portable, most of which come with a carry bag. Since it is soft and flexible, they are more comfortable for the dog inside compared to most crates, and great to use when going on outdoor events due to being extremely easy to put up and take down.



Top Dog Kennels at Crazysales


Dog Kennel Run & Pet Enclosure Run Animal Fencing Fence Playpen


Keep your dog or other pets safe with this high-quality mesh chain link 4m*2.3m*1.83m dog kennel. The round edges of this kennel can ensure complete safety as your pets run around and exercise. With the strong steel frame and epoxy powder coating, this playpen is too durable and study to collapse. The large area and high walls space allow your dog to run and exercise freely. Moreover, the spacing in the mesh guarantees your pets’ paws will not get stuck or injured and instead offers them a broad field of vision. This kennel is ideal for all varieties of small pets such as puppies, kittens, guinea pigs and rabbits.


Dog Kennel & Animal Fencing Fence Playpen 4m x 2.3m x 1.83m

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XXL Flat Roof Wooden Dog House Kennel


Create a comfortable home for your pet with this large flat-roof wooden dog house. Fully weather-resistant, crafted with premium natural fir wood and a slightly slanted asphalt roof, this house provides a safe shelter for your beloved pet, giving maximum protection against rain or sun. The removable plastic door and floor allow to provide maximum ventilation, and the feet with waterproof rubber cover target for moisture protection.


XXL Flat Roof Wooden Dog House Kennel

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Outdoor Galvanized Steel Fencing Pet Enclosure & Dog Run Kennel with Roof Shade-4.6mx4.6mx2.32m


This multipurpose dog kennel is ideal for training, playing and exercising. The sturdy and heavy-duty galvanized steel construction and chain link mesh ensure your pets stay out of trouble under the ultimate ventilation. The ample space ensures your dogs play and enjoy the outdoors, and the waterproof detachable roof offers the perfect shield from the UV rays and rain. This dog kennel is suitable for private homes, pet rescue shelters, or pet hotels.


Outdoor Galvanized Steel Fencing Pet Enclosure-4.6mx4.6mx2.32m

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Find the right dog kennel to ensure your furry friends stay comfortable, safe and joyful at home or outside. After reading this review, you can browse our products comprehensively at Crazysales where offers an extensive selection of dog kennels for sale.


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