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  • Works great, and as advertised. Sure makes a difference on my legs, not having to push the cart anymore. Battery life is great, no problems for 18 holes. Probably can do as advertised, and do 27.

    2020-03-11 20:07:10
  • I want to walk the three courses I play most frequently without worrying about the steep slopes I used to have to climb with my push cart. This caddy handles the courses with ease.

    2020-02-12 15:05:18
  • Very happy overall with the cart. My home course is hilly and I have not experienced any power issues. I does have a tendency to turn down hill when negotiating a side hill track. The remote works well even at 30-40 yards away. The remote button layout could be better; the stop button is in the center of the directional controls and frequently I inadvertently hit stop when trying to change speed or direction .

    2020-01-30 12:22:10
  • Wow!!!!! What a product and although early days (2 x 18 holes rounds so far) and I have found the cart to be reliable and my game have improved a couple of strokes not having to push the cart up 2 and 17 (Caz members will know what I mean). The cart did arrive with a fully charged battery, which was disconcerting as the instructions specifically indicate a 8 - 16 hour initial prime-charge but after a discussion with their technical support team I am comfortable the unit will be fine so far. I would HIGHLY Recommend the remote control and after the first hole I ONLY operated the cart with the remote, rather than using it as a “power assisted” cart. The only complaint I have with this product so far is: When my head cover falls off my putter the cart does not stop and pick it up for me! LOL

    2019-12-19 18:03:49
  • I have had this umbrella for years and I absolutely love it. It is a nice size. The wind can not turn it inside out. I would highly recommend this umbrella. I loved it that much I brought a couple of them.

    2017-10-19 09:21:51
  • This umbrella looks good and is very practical for keeping off the rain or the sun. I is large enough to keep you dry but not so large that it is too big to hold. Very comfortable.

    2016-08-23 19:52:30
  • Happy with the item

    2015-12-02 17:58:22
  • After getting frustrated to death with flimsy, compact umbrellas that didn't really do much and collapsed at the slightest gust of wind, I decided to get a proper umbrella. After a bit of research, I found this one, and I'm glad I did. Firstly, this is a large umbrella, so you should be aware of that. This is mostly a positive, although it may be harder for smaller people to handle. The size means that it covers you really well, so it's great for sharing with someone else, or for holding sideways when the rain is coming in sideways. You can easily go enjoy walking in a downpour without getting wet (apart from your feet a little bit). It is occasionally hard to pass other people with umbrellas on the street because of its size, but that's a minor thing. You can't easily slip it into your bag, but you can use it like a walking stick. Due to the vents in the top, it doesn't catch the wind much at all and is easy to hold. If it's properly raining, this is the sort of umbrella that you want. The mini fold-out ones are really only suitable for the type of light drizzle that you'd be better off just running through anyway. The only real negative is the velco straps that keep it wrapped up. These could be a bit larger and better sewn on, so I have actually sewn some new other ones over the top of mine. Now it works really well. I liked this so much that this is the second one I bought.

    2014-10-01 14:43:37
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