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5out of 5 from 655 reviews
  • 2.4L Portable Ice Maker with LED Control Panel

    By   Silvia

    Overal Rating:

       5 stars

    Thank you for the great fast service I luv my icemaker and it’s quite and makes ice so fast it’s perfect for parties and going away camping in my caravan I recommend this product definitely

    2018-12-12 07:48:44
  • 3.2L Home Portable Ice Maker Machine

    By   Glenda

    Overal Rating:

       5 stars

    Excellent product Will order again from crazy sales

    2018-11-22 11:37:39
  • White 3.2L Home Ice Maker

    Overal Rating:

       5 stars

    This is great we now have ice at the ready great for the family BBQs as well would highly recomend to anyone going to be great in the summer will be able to keep up with the grandkids

    2018-10-20 19:11:32
  • White 3.2L Home Ice Maker

    By   Customer

    Overal Rating:

       5 stars

    Is heavy, but easy to move, from inside to outside so you can have constant ice for parties and drinks. Love how you can choose different sizes, so you can get a head-start. Would be lost without it.

    2018-09-14 23:33:44
  • Perfect for everyday use. Fits in our counter and doesn't take up much room. A little larger than my coffee maker. In less than 30 min it made 4 rounds of ice, still going strong. I let the machine settle over night after washing it then filled it with water, like the directions stated. Makes very little noise except when dumping ice ( you hear that) then it has a slight hum you have to really listen out for.

    Perfect for everyday use.

    2018-08-08 16:15:30
  • Last summer the ice maker went out on our fridge, my hubby said he would get it fixed by this summer. Well, it did not happen due to other more important problems. Instead of complaining I bought this portable ice maker. it should make a great addition to the bar we are planning on adding to our family room, eventually. We found that the ice maker does make good ice but we also learned that we need to start making lots of ice hours prior to the event in order to have plenty on hand. My son and I have been using the ice maker everyday since and not only has it been providing enough ice for us to enjoy our cold drinks all day long .

    2018-08-03 15:36:39
  • I've got nothing but love for this ice machine! It works beautifully. First off, I'm extremely impressed with the small footprint of the machine. It fits nicely on my countertop.They use a ton of ice for that and it saved them a lot of money. It takes about six minutes per batch of ice. You just fill up the tank and let 'er rip. Once the ice drawer is full, it automatically stops producing ice which is a nice feature. .It has two sizes of cubes to choose from. It's a low energy machine meaning it won't hit your utility bill hard at all. I love having the convenience and the portability of this ice maker. It's high-quality and looks great! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this one it's a keeper

    2018-07-25 18:10:12
  • I love this ice maker/dispenser I have a family of 8 and it works fine for us!

    2018-07-20 15:29:35
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