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  • This is a very good little juicer for one or two people. It doesn't take up loads of space and is easy to use, it extracts well leaving only a very dry pulp. I lost the manual, and we could not get the top bit in place properly. I looked online and found a video and a few pics and that helped me get it working. Slow juicing is so nice, without the centrifugal disruption to food enzymes and its a lot more relaxing doing a slow quiet juicing job than the whizz of a centrifugal machine. If you are in the zone after yoga etc, it is a very calming exercise to pop this baby on and make yourself a beautiful health giving drink to set you up for the morning. There are other larger models for a bigger family but this is perfect for us. Recommended.

    2019-11-05 19:06:15
  • Juicer works well can work for extended time with all different fruits and vegetables. Can get messy but ebd result is tasty

    2017-06-27 19:33:00
  • Used this the day it arrived to juice manderins it was so easy and the tip about lining the pulp catcher with a plastic bag brilliant 99% was caught which made it so easy to empty definitely one of the best kitchen appliances I own

    2015-06-25 17:18:08
  • Stainless Steel Slow Juicer

    By   Test

    Overal Rating:

       5 stars

    Easy to use and clean. Love it

    Perfect Juicer

    2015-05-21 17:27:43
  • Stainless Steel Slow Juicer

    Overal Rating:

       5 stars

    We bought this juicer after a bumper apple crop and it works great. Handles the apples really well and can also do carrots and silverbeet without a problem. Its easy to clean and a low power user. We have no problems running it with our off grid solar system. At the price its an absolute bargain being a third to a quarter of the price of a similar brand name juicer. I would highly recommend this product to any juice fans.

    2015-04-02 21:12:35
  • My husband bought this for himself, he enjoys making his fresh orange juice every weekend. Easy to clean as well as he does it.

    2014-10-07 16:49:39
  • Stainless Steel Slow Juicer

    By   Jez

    Overal Rating:

       5 stars

    I researched many slow juicers and could not see what the difference between this $99.00 unit and ALL the others cost $500 or more.. I took a chance and WON !! I am using the juicer everyday and it works perfectly, it is very sturdy, easy to use, and I just can't work out why all the competition units cost many of hundred's more. DON'T waste your money on more expensive units as this one is great..

    2014-10-02 17:23:23
  • Philips 1000W Quick Clean Juicer with Spout

    By   RickyCox

    Overal Rating:

       5 stars

    Product arrived in time and i am very happy with my purchase. It is powerful enough to juice even the hardest fruits with ease. Doesn't take long to clean it as well. Would recommend it to anyone who wants to start following a healthier lifestyle.

    2014-06-18 17:40:51
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