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  • Even with all the Covid19 restrictions the face masks arrived in exceptional time frame A big thank you

    2020-07-24 15:32:00
  • 2FT Portable Aluminium Folding Loading Wheelchair Ramp

    By   Tina

    Overal Rating:

       5 stars

    We use this ramp for our mother. She is on wheelchair. We bought 2 of them;one for a 3 steps stair, another for 2 steps. They serve our purposes perfectly. The weight of a longer ramp (for 3 steps) is quite heavy for me to carry as a small female but still compromising if not doing too often.

    2020-04-26 09:09:26
  • Mr

    Electric mobility scooter great value for money good seller , and good communication

    2020-04-21 16:40:48
  • This scooter has changed my life. It's great quality. I love all of the materials. It's easy to assemble and light when it's in pieces. The battery lasts long. I charged it every night. It rained and I put a poncho over myself and it covered the scooter too. I worked great. I just avoided deep puddles and I was fine. I use it to go shopping and drive around my house when my legs hurt. I love it so much I want to buy one for my mom. She uses it too and it is SO helpful for her. She has a bad knee. It's a quiet motor.

    2020-03-28 15:34:02
  • I bought this to shop with primarily. We were surprised to realize that the back part comes off easily making it simple to fold down the tiller after taking off the seat and put it in the trunk of our small Nissan. I like that because it makes it far more theft proof. It scoots up ramps at store entrances as if they were flat. It is very quiet, zooms down a mall at a very good speed or can be geared down with a simple turn for more precise heavy pedestrian traffic areas. I love it. I'd advise getting the four wheel one. The tricycle might be more maneuverable but four wheels are more stable. At the price, it is remarkable.

    2020-03-19 13:28:12
  • I purchased this scooter for an event where I knew that I would otherwise be limited to a small part of the event area. I used this scooter to get around a less than smooth surface. It went over hills and through holes. It also went over bumps and small roots. The only things that gave it trouble were large rocks, large roots, and deep sand. I was completely impressed with the performance of this scooter. It comes apart and back together easily. I have no trouble getting it into and out of my car. Even with my back trouble and terrible knee pain.

    2020-03-13 20:06:10
  • Was looking for a way to help my wife stay as mobile as she can be, as she can't walk distances any more. We wanted something that was easily transportable as we love to travel, but something that would give her the extra help she needed, and not take up much room. This unit surpasses all of our expectations. It is easily transportable as it come apart for travel, and reassembly is fast and easy. It fits in our vehicle easily, and let's my wife "keep up" with me for hours. It charges quickly and runs a long time on the battery charge. The price is fantastic compared to other chairs in this category, operation is easy, and the transportable factor is perfect!!! We HIGHLY recommend!

    2020-03-02 09:56:39
  • This scooter has given me back something I thought was gone forever...mobility. Over the last few years, walking medium to long distances has become too difficult. My husband takes this apart in about 2 minutes and lifts in back of his pickup or the car trunk and away we go. It takes him about 2 minutes to have it together again. It has become useful in the yard as well.I love that it has arms, a firm back and swivel seat. We park it in the garage between our 2 vehicles where there is a plug for charging. We have booked an upcoming short cruise for a trial run. While not a negative for me at this time, it does ride rough over rough terrain and certain surfaces.

    2020-02-27 10:50:05
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