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  • its a good guitar for a learner like myself but I was surprised at how good the sound was even with a small amp as I improve I will definitely upgrade

    2020-08-05 21:31:56
  • I’d give this overall for the delivery and the product 9/10 for its price, let me tell you why. The overall process from the moment I paid till I received the item was 6 business days. I’m quite happy with the delivery time cause I thought it would take longer due to the postal services having a hard time because of large amount of delivery orders (everyone is home and shopping online). Now for the product review. I HAVE ATTACHED SOME PHOTOS AS REFERENCE, chech them out! So when I opened the box I was surprised, it looked amazing and it was an actually guitar. I’ve always wanted one. It sounded amazing and it was the real deal. Tuning it was easy too. I used the GarageBand app on an iPad to tune it. The tuner which came with the guitar was not electric though. I received everything that was labeled in the contents (plus some extras, thx crazysales!). No comment on the equaliser (the black thing with buttons on the side of the guitar) because I haven’t tried it out yet. The paint job done on the fretboard and the head of the guitar wasn’t perfect as you can see in the photos. But you can only see that when you look closely. So nothing to worry about. Everything else is PERFECT! P.S. I had bought this for $86 with delivery but After buying I saw that it was on a bigger discount and it was now for $71 with delivery hahaha. My point is take the opportunity and buy it when it’s a bargain. Oh, the size of the guitar was perfect for me and I’m an adult.

    True and Honest Review True and Honest Review True and Honest Review True and Honest Review

    2020-06-22 17:36:30
  • This was a great purchase as a gift. It came in as pictured and easy to assemble. It is just super adorable even the adults want to play around with it. love it so much. I recommend this if you're looking for a great gift for the kids 1years old and up.

    So cute

    2020-06-12 14:56:52
  • Absolutely what i ordered...exceeded my expectations

    2020-03-27 10:14:54
  • Arrived today with no issues. All the keys were nicely standard tuned and the wood looks spectacular in person. Mine doesn’t seem to have much buzzing at all when I play and I’m overall very impressed. It comes with a nice soft touch hard case with a tuning hammer nestled within the bottom. You also get a sweet bag to store it in alternatively. They even include a nice sized cleaning cloth to wipe it down before storing it and some informational booklets with proper tuning and maintenance tips, along with some neat stickers to place on your keys for easy memorization. I think for the great quality of this Kalimba and all the included extras you get with it makes this an unbeatable deal. If you’re curious about trying out this instrument then this one is definitely the way to go.

    2020-03-25 10:17:39
  • Has a fun little tinker toy sound. My 4 year old loved it and plays on it quite a bit.

    2020-03-22 13:30:16
  • I bought one of these to simply try; the price was low as were my expectations. I was wrong! The stand is adaptable, easy to transport, and fits my basses well with zero adjustments - unfold into position and load 'em up.I love these stands and price!

    2020-03-20 19:03:24
  • I bought this for my nine-year old niece who, after playing around with my Hugh Tracey kalimbas expressed an interest. As with other reviewers I was quite pleasantly surprised. The quality of this instrument is quite comparable to the Hugh Tracey treble, at less than 1/3 the cost. You can find cheaper kalimbas in the $10-$30 range, but most of them are poorly made, and little better than toys. This, on the other hand, is a real musical instrument. The build is solid, the wood smooth and nicely finished, and the tines are well-shaped and chrome finished. The hardware is basically the same as that used on Hugh Tracey instruments. The tone is bright and rich, and the expression holes on the back side make special effects easy. This is one of those instruments that is quite appropriate for everyone from beginners to pros. A newbie can easily be picking out a tune on one of these in a few minutes, but with some dedication, advanced players will find the instrument lends itself to complexities limited only by their imagination. Especially nice with this package are the little extras that come with it: a hardshell case (these can be hard to find separately); a tuning hammer; polishing cloth; and note-indicator stickers for the tines, if you are so inclined. Really, you're not going to find better for this price. Recommended.

    2020-03-20 12:22:10
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