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Jamie Oliver Special Edition Flavour Shaker - Steel

  • Jamie Oliver Special Edition Flavour Shaker - Steel
  • Jamie Oliver Special Edition Flavour Shaker - Steel
  • Jamie Oliver Special Edition Flavour Shaker - Steel
  • Jamie Oliver Special Edition Flavour Shaker - Steel
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Item Description

The Special Edition

Top of the range is the funky new stainless steel Special Edition Flavour Shaker. Its got a lovely brushed steel top part with inset grips and a grey tinted base, so you can still see whats going on inside.

It looks so good that it features a little metal stand for it too, so that you can keep it out all the time. The Special Edition comes with a brand new Hints and Tips recipe booklet packed full of Jamie's favourite recipes for the Flavour Shaker.

Flavour Shaker - It crushes, grinds, mixes and more!

The flavour shaker is a really fun way to add great flavour to your food. It's quick. It's fresh. It's easy. This is going to transform your everyday meals into something fantastic - give it a go!

How it works?

The Flavour Shaker™ is designed to crush, mix, and release flavour from whole spices, herbs, garlic, nuts, citrus rind or even lime or bay leaves. In just a few seconds you can create and add flavour to all kinds of everyday dishes.

Simply pop your ingredients inside, add the magic ball and give it a good shake. The ceramic ball does all the work crushing, grinding and bruising the contents, releasing amazing aromas and zingy flavours. You can also add liquids like oil and cream to create delicious dressings and marinades. The Flavour Shaker™ is sized to give you just the right amount of marinade or dressing (you don't need a lot) so that you can pour the contents straight over your food.

Just follow these four steps and you'll soon see how quick and easy it really is to get great tasting food...

* Step 1: Add your ingredients, then drop in the ceramic ball.
* Step 2: Screw the halves together securely. (Make sure that the two little arrows on the grips are correctly aligned and that the sealing ring is in place. You risk damaging the product if you don't.)
* Step 3: Give it a good shake.
* Step 4: Open up and pour, scoop or rub on to your food.

Jamie's Top Tips

* Don't overfill the Flavour Shaker; make sure your ingredients all fit into the bottom part. You can crush things in batches then add a little more if necessary.
* Use your mixes, marinades, dressings toppings etc., immediately for real freshness.
* Your Flavour Shaker can't be used in the microwave or oven.
* Make sure you store the ball inside the Flavour Shaker when not in use - that way you won't lose it and the kids in the house won't run off with it!
* The Flavour Shaker is not a toy - don't let children play with the ball or put it in their mouths.
* Don't leave it too close to a heat source like the kettle, hob or oven, it might melt.
* And finally don't be shy - give it a bash!
The more you use it the more you'll love it...

For heaps of recipes for the Flavour Shaker, click here.

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Jamie's invention
My inspiration
"I was in my kitchen a few years ago bashing up some ingredients in my pestle and mortar and I suddenly thought to myself that even though I love the old pestle, there must be an easier and quicker way of bashing and grinding your herbs and spices together. Some way that isn't messy and doesn't take as much time. I've never come across anything in the shops that has come close to a good pestle and mortar though. I put the thought to the back of my mind, but it kept reappearing every time I was making a dressing or a marinade so I decided to try and come up with my own invention. It started out as a personal challenge but as the ideas came I suddenly realised that I was on to something

It's probably the time factor that puts most of you off making a nice marinade or rub to go over your meat or fish for supper, so that you probably settle for eating something plain, when you could be rustling up all sorts of quick flavour combos to liven things up. Does that sound about right? Or you just can't be bothered to use lots of energy bashing things up, especially if there is lots of mess to clear away afterwards?

Developing the idea
I was sure there was a way of coming up with some sort of gadget where you could put all your ingredients inside it and then just shake it all together. So, I started to put some ideas down on paper, doing little sketches, and from there I got a little model made up to see if it really would work. This was about four years ago and I've been tinkering with the idea ever since - all through launching the restaurant, through all the school dinners stuff and while writing my last few books. To be honest, there were times when I thought it might never happen, but I wasn't prepared to give up on my idea, so I stuck at it.

The designs just got better and better, until finally I had the model I was happy with - exactly as I first imagined it. And now I can't quite believe that its all finished and being sold in the shops! I really do think it will transform the way you think about flavouring food, so I hope you enjoy using it as much as I do. I reach for it all the time in my kitchen at home, and the guys in my restaurant are now using them too.

And what have I called this little gadget? The Flavour Shaker - it does what it says! Inside is a ceramic ball so that when you shake it, it crushes, bashes, bruises and mixes all the ingredients together and it does all this very quickly.

Making it happen
The next thing was to see if somebody wanted to turn my idea into a real product. Of course it had to work really well. I wanted to be able to see inside it so I could keep an eye on what I was doing. It also needed to be easy to hold and use, it had to be tough and it had to look great too!

I started looking for somebody to help me turn my idea into reality and found William Levene Ltd, a company that specialises in making really clever kitchen gadgets and pepper mills. Working with their in-house design team we put all the elements together and eventually came up with the product you see here - the Flavour Shaker . I'm so excited by what it can do and I think you will be too!"

Check out the demo video below :

*Note: Video is for demo purpose only. Actual product is the Limited Edition Flavour Shaker, it may differ from products shown in the video.

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  • Limited Edition Steel Flavour Shaker
  • Recipe Booklet Included
  • Display Stand Included
  • Crush, Mix, and Release Flavour from Whole Spices.
  • Quick and Easy To Use
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Top Shelf Dishwasher Safe


Dimensions (Diameter x H) With Stand : 9cm x 16.5cm approx
Colour Steel
Package Dimensions
(L x W x H)
20cm x 15cm x 12cm approx
Package Weight 0.6kg

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