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Phone Mirror Refractor Mirror

  • Phone Mirror Refractor Mirror
  • Phone Mirror Refractor Mirror
  • Phone Mirror Refractor Mirror
  • Phone Mirror Refractor Mirror
  • Phone Mirror Refractor Mirror
  • Phone Mirror Refractor Mirror
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Item Description

Phone mirror, refractor, mirror

Refuse to bow to the phone, no plug-in, phone mirror
It has obvious effects on preventing and relieving cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis and fatigue in the shoulder area.
In the subway, bus, walking, you can use your mobile phone to screen, chase, watch the game, play the game, watch the live broadcast, brush Facebook Twitter, etc.
The mobile phone mirror uses optical principles to use reflective prisms processed with high-quality optical materials, so that people can easily read books and magazines or perform other operations without looking down.
This product selection is strictly processed and precision. The internal reflection prism is equivalent to a glass plate and has no effect on the visual acuity used. Because of the superior quality, the user feels comfortable and clear and bright. At the same time, it can protect the vision and eliminate fatigue. After expert appraisal, it has won unanimous praise.
1. Novelty This product is innovative and unique, adopting new technology, exquisite appearance and beautiful packaging.
2. Fantastic This product breaks the common habits of people watching mobile phones reading books and reading magazines. You can watch them without bowing your head!
3. Health High-precision mirrors can effectively prevent and relieve fatigue and discomfort in the cervical, lumbar and shoulder areas.
This product focuses on the subtleties of life, carefully understanding the needs of consumers, and effectively benefiting physical and mental health and improving the quality of life.
Very light, very small
The volume is only 2 cubes
Weighing only 2 coins
I can hardly feel it on my glasses.
Very transparent
Internal HD glass prism
Is its core accessory
The image is reflected directly to the glasses through him
Very soft, very delicate
High quality protective shell soft and delicate
Omnidirectional protection prism
Don't worry about scratching the glasses
Simpler and simpler
Get rid of the bow
only need to
Three steps
Clip the phone mirror on the glasses
Bring glasses
Hold the phone, don't bow, the screen is in front.
Product features: no screen, no chip, no battery.
Warm reminder: Some pro-reactions will be dizzy when worn. This is a normal embarrassment, because lazy glasses change the way the brain always works, so it will be a little dizzy, it will disappear after adaptation. Conventional use is slow walking or sitting, and it is strongly discouraged to use in fast moving.
Continuous use of this product for a long period of time can cause excessive eye fatigue, and some people may experience symptoms of discomfort (such as fatigue, dryness, nausea, or dizziness). The user should take regular rest during use, and do not use it continuously for a long time. If there is any discomfort in the glasses when using this product, please stop using the product, then rest on the eyes, the time and frequency of rest. Different people, please do not use in places where the ambient light is too dark and the light is not good. Avoid the glare of the phone screen for a long time to stimulate the eye to cause visual fatigue. Please consult your doctor if necessary. Minors are not recommended to use this product.
For the safety of you and others, please never use it in an open traffic environment such as driving, cycling or jogging. When walking, please confirm the surrounding environment before using it.
Part of the answer:
4. I don't have glasses, can I use this product?
A: This product belongs to the glasses accessory. Users without glasses need to purchase the flat mirror with lens. The CIA can be used. Our products can be applied to almost all eyewear styles.
5. Does the use block the line of sight when walking?
A: This product will only increase the weight of a single lens, and will not block the line of sight. However, when you walk, you will definitely be distracted. Please stop and use it.
6. Will it damage the glasses?
A: If you use a single eye to watch the mobile phone for a long time, it will cause eye fatigue. It is recommended not to use it for a long time. Do not use it in places where the ambient light is too dark and the light is not good. Please pay attention to eye rest. This product is not recommended for minors.
Material: Plastic,Silicone,Stainless Steel,ABS
Features: Waterproof
Waterproof Grade: 100m
Best Use: Traveling
Color: Black
Package weight: 0.123 kg
Package Contents: 1 x mirror


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