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5out of 5 from 21 reviews
  • This was a great purchase as a gift. It came in as pictured and easy to assemble. It is just super adorable even the adults want to play around with it. love it so much. I recommend this if you're looking for a great gift for the kids 1years old and up.

    So cute

    2020-06-12 14:56:52
  • Has a fun little tinker toy sound. My 4 year old loved it and plays on it quite a bit.

    2020-03-22 13:30:16
  • I cannot even say how much I love this little piano. I had seen these a few years ago but my kids were already grown. I had a baby early this year and thought this would make the perfect gift for her since her daddy and I are both musically inclined and love music. I think the best way to get a child interested in music and explore their talents is to get them started at a young age. I looked at quite a few different brands and types of pianos and really just liked this particular look and style. I wanted something that worked without electric and something that look authentic. Sooooooo, I ordered this for my 8 month old daughter to be a Christmas gift. The day this came in, last week, my husband and I couldn't even wait to open it. We tore the box open, put this together without a few minutes and my daughter went to town on this adorable piano. The piano and bench is made of real wood and the top opens just like a real piano. I have noticed that when the top is open, the sound is a lot louder. The piano is a bell sound but it's so freaking cute! We have posted so many pictures and videos on Facebook of our daughter playing this piano and so many people have complemented how awesome it is. This is definitely one of my favorite buys for her so far.

    2020-03-14 15:09:01
  • One of my best purchase ever. As an adult, I enjoyed playing on it, as an alternative sound to the regular piano. Sometimes it sounds cute. Sometimes it sounds creepy. Great instrument overall. DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional musician. That being said, the keys do NOT sound out of tune.

    2020-03-13 17:19:36
  • I cannot say enough about this piano! The color is bright and beautiful! The finish is shiny and looks like a mirror. The sound is not as good as a regular piano but great for a child piano. I can play a song and the listener will know the song. Construction is heavy. The hardware even impressed my husband! Wow! My grand daughter will be able to hand this down to her children! I absolutely was pleasantly shocked at how wonderful this piano is! Shipping was fast and packed with great care! Love it!!!

    2020-03-06 19:38:20
  • If you are sitting on the fence trying to decide which kid's piano is the best, you won't go wrong with this little wonder. It is really nicely made and will likely stand up to generations of little musicians belting out tunes. It does not have strings and sounds more bell-like than piano like. That said, it is in tune and one can play songs on it. We just got it and set it up beside our Baby Grand piano. We can't wait for our grandson to arrive and play it. The MELODIC is just right in every category for an 18month to five year old child. It's well worth the money and impressively made.

    2020-02-26 20:38:46
  • Absolutely love the look of this little piano! The sound is pretty good.Overall so far I love it.

    2020-02-21 11:04:33
  • As described and good quality~

    2019-05-11 21:20:11
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