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Love this Item 2019-09-27 20:22:33

This Incubator I purchased about 2 months ago great service from these guys.Had 2 Dozen Duck Eggs posted to me to test this incubator out WORKS GREAT just had the duck eggs hatch 13 out of the 24 eggs posted hatched 7 others were fertile but died before pipping unfortunately unsure if it was the temperature outside of incubator.. I am pretty happy with the 50 hatch rate 2 ducklings did need help as were in wrong position for hatch Only Con I have on this is the Alarms go off when at a low humidity and temp reading.. I DID however had to cover with a light blanket but also found too much covered the lid had condensation on of High Humidity.. Look forward to cleaning it out and getting a batch of Chook Eggs posted to me as i have no chooks at moment to see how well the next batch go.. Photos are of the successful babies that hatched and were strong to leave the incubator

Love this Item Love this Item