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By  Michell
Overall Rating:
   5 stars
Excellent Product 2018-12-14 16:56:28

While the item is very light weight it is also very robust and sturdy. It has excellent tilt and swivel capabilities that enable a perfect viewing angle.It was very easy to install by one person. All the necessary fittings are included in the kit.There is one recommendation I would make however and that is if mounting to a plaster gyprock ceiling a pair of 38mm U Bolts fitted over the rafter inside the ceiling would ensure that the mounting is safely secured to avoid any chance of falling if the mounting screws should fail to hold. Plaster will not take the weight of the item with TV fitted.Otherwise a very good item I would not hesitate to recommend.Oh and did I mention the price Even for a pensioner like me it made no dent in my budget.Thank you once again Crazysales.