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By  Bennie
Overall Rating:
   5 stars
Good quality for price. 2020-03-03 19:31:45

I am very satisfied with what I received. The amplifier works great with no hum. The guitar strings needed to be tuned but I expected that. The build of the guitar itself is very impressive considering the price of the package. I went over every part of the guitar and found no signs of poor workmanship. The finish looks really good the frets have no sharp spots and the neck was straight right out of the box. Everything seemed to be put together very well. No loose parts.Initially I thought the tuner keys might be slipping due to the guitar going out of tune fairly quickly but after a few days of playing it that stopped being a problem. Probably the strings had to settle in.I am very satisfied with this purchase especially for the price. I would definitely recommend this for a beginner.