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By  Sara
Overall Rating:
   5 stars
I love this fireplace so much 2020-04-15 09:12:13

I love this fireplace so so much. Its not even funny. Im sitting here right now typing this review bathed in blissful warmth from its glowing fake embers hiding the electric heater. This thing is a lifesaver putting out enough heat to warm my home office or our master bedroom. Ok granted our house isnt huge and the rooms are on the small side but if you just want to heat part of the house say if your central heating system is incredibly noisy and inefficient this is perfect. Everything works. The heat is nice and strong and can put out more heat than we need winter temperatures around here rarely dip below 40. The heater works. The fan works. The door works. The fake flames work. The knobs work. It sits perfectly level. The only sound it makes is the soft soothing white noise of the fan blowing the heated air out. Its worked perfectly for me for over a month now. I honestly cant say enough good things about it and its one of the best purchases Ive made in a lon g time. Im going to buy a second one to put in the bedroom and keep this one in my home office all winter.