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By  Andres
Overall Rating:
   5 stars
High Hatch Rates Easy to Use 2020-05-19 12:14:33

We have had this incubator for a couple of months now and so far Im very pleased with it. It is super easy to start up and use. Ive used other brands and just trying to set them was intimidating. I really wanted an incubator where I could add water from the outside and have it control the humidity which is the main reason I purchased this one. Ive found in the past that other brands didnt work well for me because the low humidity where I live. Every egg that Ive put into the incubator that was fertile has hatched with no issue. This is much better than other incubators that Ive used in the past. I going to try to hatch some harder to hatch ducks in it soon and am optimistic that this incubator can do the job.