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By  Kojo
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great site great product 2015-08-19 12:44:17

I had a slight problem when this arrived emailed crazysales they IMMEDIATELY fixed my problem. I have been selling buying online since 2002 and have found many sites a quick to sell but slow or ignore you when theres a problem- this wasnt the case with Crazysales. They not only responded to my email - FAST - but they FIXED my problem. Highly Recommend this company website to anyone.PRODUCT - I have a cartilage problem in my knee and was told to use a exercise bike- I dont have room for one and thought of this product. I got one and my aunt who broke her wrist saw it - used it - and wanted one too - so I gave her mine and got another. Shes found it great as its NOT meant as something for an athlete to use but someone who needs gentle rotating motion but NEEDS to have that type exercise and doesnt wish to use a gym. I found the product is excellent to use to keep that rotating cycle style of movement. I would recommend this product for anyone who wishes to use an exercise bike - who is elderly and needs to have some type of movement for their hands legs - for someone who has had an injury and needs gentle movement. for someone who has arthritis and needs movement. For anyone except athletes or gym junkies. These type of people would need a stronger machine - IMHO - Having a 2kg fly wheel means theres some strength that CAN be used or none at all- you decide and once you get to that strength you can then go faster - faster - and get the repeated exercise without putting on muscle and bulk. As a female I dont wish to have more muscle in my legs than I already have I was a 1st grade netball player and a dancer who won medals My legs are big enough. I find this product great for my knee and my aunt is using the other one for her wrist. shes 80 this year I use this while sitting on the laptop- using it now. and have found I am doing MANY kilometers - when Id usually just be sitting - doing nothing but the computer. Cannot recommend enough Crazysales and have sent their details to my family friends.great site great product