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By  tmugridge
Overall Rating:
   2 stars
You Get What You Pay For 2015-07-28 14:52:38

Arrived 7 days after being sent which is fine however the courier company couldnt give me an exact day and their online tracking tool said different timing until it finally said unknown delivery date.When I received the piano there was no manual just a small mini disc which wasnt helpful as I dont have a minidisc player and now I cant find the manual online. Also the setup is very flimsy and not very sturdy some of the long screws are threaded but its standing at the moment for how long who knows.The sound is very average and the sensitivity of the keys is not balanced ie you play a key softly and it sounds fortissimo and vice versa there are quite a few keys like this and the top register needs a much harder touch to make a balanced sound with the lower register. The polyphony is also out of whack in that you play 12 notes at the same time and the sound cuts out on some of the notes andor you hear it sound later than the other notes being pressed especially while playing fast passages notes are also cut short when manually holding the note down and playing fast notes at the same time. This unfortunately will only get worse with time.This is an okay piano if you have never studied piano and wanted to start learning. However its not a good piano to practise on and use regularly if you are an advanced performer Grade 4 onwards. Im still considering whether to send it back.