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  • This Treadmill is even better than i thought it would be, i cant fault this machine, well worth the money ive had this about 3 months and its used everyday. If your looking for a fairly basic treadmill you wont be disappointed with this one. Would highly recommend.

    2020-06-22 16:03:25
  • On first look the saddle looks to be pretty good. Didn’t take long for it to be delivered. Overall I’m pretty happy with the product

    2020-06-12 22:10:23
  • The quality is very good, solid and safe enough high enough, do not have to worry about the child's own trampoline jump out, and the children especially like, a jump is more than ten minutes, do not feel tired, very suitable for not going out to play for the children.

    2020-06-12 12:16:09
  • It is a great and powerful toy,we all love it,it such a great thanksgiving gift for kid, I received it two days befor thanksgiving,and we spent two hours to install it on thanksgiving eve,it is very easy to install,but you need to be careful,because those springs need a little effort to pull them to the holes,and the first step built the circle must work with two is big enough for the family,my kid is 6 years old and 44 inches,he likes play and sleeps on it everyday, I just put it in my livingroom,the kids have a lot of fun and can stay warm during the winter,we so happy with it, I highly recommended it!

    2020-06-12 00:11:14
  • I brought this trampoline for my kids they are 2and 3. It’s easy to assemble together it only took my husband about hour to get that done. My kids love it so much they are so excited the good thing I like about this trampoline are it low to the ground so my kids can get In and out by them self and the netting have the zipper to zip up so it’s safty for the kid. It is sturdy and heavy duty. Also the shipping come fast then what I thought it only take two day to get the delivery and no damage for the box.

    2020-06-11 13:15:11
  • I bought this for my three year old daughter, who really likes to run and jump around, for her to exercise instead of watching the television all the time, it did work. She would jump on it for hours everyday and not bother me while I'm working. I got her a ball so she can play with that too PROS: The zipper is nice, it's much better than those useless Velcros when they fall on it My daughter can jump pretty high

    2020-06-11 12:12:15
  • This hoop-trampoline is easy to assemble following the instruction. We placed it in our side yard. It has a good size for 2 kids to play inside at one time. The color is bright. And the basket is a bonus for kids to play ball together while jumping.

    2020-06-02 15:15:09
  • My son is 4 and a half years old, he super loves jumping,and the best thing about it is the size is perfect, and we can put it indoors. I thought one person couldn't finish this trampoline, but it was a lot easier than I thought. But for now, I've only installed the following part, because I planed to get outdoors when the weather is warm. That's when you can wrap up the net. My son can play on it for a long, long time, and sometimes he plays on Five Little monkeys's game on the trampoline,friend's kids come home to play and love this trampoline as well.They can play together for a long time, it's a great product.

    2020-06-02 14:14:19
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